Caleb Brown opens a new real estate company…

Caleb Brown opens new real estate company - Gateway Land and Home

Caleb Brown opens a new real estate company – Gateway Land and Home. This company is based in the small town of Eolia, Missouri, but will serve all of eastern Missouri. Gateway Land & Home is a full service real estate company which specializes in the marketing and sale of homes, farmland, recreational land, and investment properties. Our land and home specialists serve the St. Louis suburban area, east central and northeastern Missouri. Our agents and specialists keep the client’s interests as their number one priority with attention to detail for both buyers and sellers, before, during and after the sale. Gateway Land & Home is owned and operated by simple folks with a commitment to work hard for their clients while exhibiting high standards of ethics and integrity. Each of their agents commits to this philosophy and agrees that their actions will always speak louder than their words. Caleb Brown, owner and manager, is grateful for his agents and specialists because they share these qualities and Company vision of straight, honest collaboration with customers and clients.

At Gateway Land & Home we recognize that land ownership and property rights are one of the many pillars of our country’s freedom. Therefore, we value land for the produce it creates, activities we enjoy, and for the independence that rural living provides.

We will always enjoy introducing others to the tranquility and relaxation of the “country way of life.”

The blessings we have been provided give us all here at Gateway Land & Home the knowledge, motivation and capacity to share them with you. If you are seeking to buy or sell real estate, no matter the timeline, to find a weekend place or permanent residence – large or small for farming, fishing, hunting or just bird watching, your goals are our goals and we would be thankful to be your “gateway” to achieve them.

If you are in search for a team of agents who can help you navigate the road to buying or selling, please give us a call and visit our website,

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